Unique Thanksgiving Wine Ideas to Liven Up Your Table

These exciting labels are not your grandmother’s wine, but they will be the center of conversation

Wine is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving. Religion and politics are best left off the table. These ten wine options have a story, a purpose and amazing taste profiles. Each wine has a place in Thanksgiving pairings, so be open to your imagination and taste buds.

For Starters

ONEHOPE’s California Sparkling Wine has a light color and aromas of fresh green apples and nectarine, with a hint of fresh-baked bread. The palate is awash with fresh, crisp fruit, reminiscent of sweet berries, pear, and succulent peach. It finishes with creamy, refreshing bubbles. Sparkling Brut is a great pairing for appetizers like raspberry baked brie, goat cheese and walnut salad, or desserts like good old apple pie. This gem can be used to start or finish Thanksgiving dinner.

ONEHOPE will donate a minimum of $25,000 from October sales to Susan G. Komen for research that can help prevent and cure breast carcinoma. The organization is also funding $50,000 in Holiday Magic Grants for families with special needs children through the ONEHOPE Foundation.

Brilla! Prosecco DOC + Brilla! Prosecco Rose, N.V., Italy

Nothing is better than bubbly to start your Thanksgiving! Brilla is available in two versions: Prosecco DOC Rose and traditional Prosecco DOC DOC. We wanted to combine Prosecco and one of Italy’s most elegant style expressions: jewels. Look at that packaging.

Brilla is exuberant, bright, flexible, pleasant, and ready for any Thanksgiving table. It embodies the Italian Dolce Vita spirit. A delicate and complex bouquet of fruity notes recalling peach, green apples and second notes of acacia or lilac. This wine is light and refreshing, perfect for an aperitif! Prosecco goes well with hors d’oeuvres such as the traditional Deviled Eggs. The Rose version of Prosecco pairs beautifully with starter salads.

The Main Event

Sonoma Coast Winemakers Release 2019 Chardonnay Winemakers’ 40th Anniversary Sonoma-Cutrer

This wine can be enjoyed as a drink or a gift if you are a plus one for Thanksgiving. Sonoma Cutrer, a winemaker, based in Sonoma County’s renowned Russian River Valley region of California, has been making wines since 1981. Today, its female-led winemaking team produces sustainable-certified wines.

The 40th Anniversary Chardonnay Sonoma Cutrer Winemaker’s Release is a historic collaboration among winemakers from the past and present. This blend is a tribute to the winery’s ability to master a single grape variety.

This Chardonnay is a perfect balance of full-bodied and delicate. It has a creamy mouthfeel that highlights the winery’s citrus acidity. There is no better way to spend Thanksgiving with your family than by sharing a wine that expresses both the past and the present.

Fresh Vine Pinot Noir 2019 + Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

These wines make a great team for the main dish, with the Pinot Noir starting first and then moving to the Cabernet.

Fresh Vine Pinot Noir is a ruby-colored wine with a strong floral aroma of rose petals, dark cherries, and baking spices. Secondary notes include raspberry, mint and tea. Blackberry, red raspberry, ripe plum and red raspberries are medium-bodied flavors. A long, smooth finish with red plums and baker’s chocolate. There is a slight acidity. This pinot is perfect for the first bottle of your main course.

This pinot’s sister, fresh vine Cabernet Sauvignon, was waiting for us to open the second bottle. This cab is also dark ruby-colored with an expressive, ripe nose that features blackberry pie, a spice box and a hint of mint.

It is medium-bodied and has concentrated blackberry, boysenberry, and chocolate flavors. It goes down quickly and ends long with soft tannins and plum flavors.

The pinot and cab are $18.89 each and $21.89 respectively. You can buy directly from the winery source or locate a store in L.A. using the Fresh Vine locator.

Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Don Melchor Cabernet is from Chile’s Alto Maipo Valley. One winemaker has made this single-vineyard wine for almost three decades. It is often placed on Top100 or Top 10 lists like this one.

Don Melchor is sure to be the star at any holiday dinner. It is vibrant and elegant, with tart red cherry and black currant flavors. It pairs well with lamb or roasted pheasant because of its velvety tannins, cool fruit, and exceptional finish. It’s easy to drink now. So dress it up and bring something amazing!

For $109, these wines were sold at L.A. Wine Co… These wines are priced at a great price, as their retail price is only $125.

Magnanime Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 + Unanime Malbec 2017

We recommend pairing the duo together. We recommend starting with Cabernet before moving on to Malbec.

Although Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec aren’t always the first choice when pairing with Thanksgiving wines, they will be a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir.

Simply adding mushrooms and grilled shallots into your delicious mashed potatoes recipe will elevate it. Pair with Magnanime Cabernet Sauvin 2014 to bring out the best flavors of barrel-aged wines and soften the tannins for an exquisite mouthfeel.

Malbec is the wine for you if you love dark turkey meat. The secret to mastering the dark meat and Unanime Malbec 2017 pairing is simple: herbs. This year, add rosemary or sage to your turkey, and you will instantly enhance Malbec’s ripe plum and cherry flavors.

Gran Passione Rosso Veneto IGT 2020, Veneto, Italy

Gran Passione was created with the idea of representing all of Veneto, Northeastern Italy. It is a blend between the Corvina, an indigenous variety from the eastern region of Veneto, and Merlot from the west. Both varieties were grown in ideal climates, and when combined, they bring out their best. This wine is distinguished by its rich, full-bodied and solid structure, red fruit flavors, and aromas of vanilla and spices.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to the King of Thanksgiving: Roast Turkey.

Yes, You Can

Licence IV, N.V., Loire Valley, France

License is a high-end, accessible line of French wines in cans and 1-liter bottles. It is named after the French permit that allows businesses to sell alcohol. License IV is a small family-owned winery. It changes the perception that French wine can be intimidating. Instead, it encourages wine drinkers to relax and enjoy French wine with their loved ones.

Blanc, a Melon de Bourgogne straight from the eastern Loire Valley, is the first muscadet available in cans.

It has aromas of fresh-cut grass, salty lime zest and gunflint. The palate is lively and refreshing, while the mid-palate feels dry and reminds of citrus and oyster shells. It finishes with a herbal, saline finish. This wine is a great pairing for Thanksgiving soups and salads.

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