Wines for Beginners

It’s difficult to recall what it was like to be a beginner in the wine industry. The nerves. Uncertainty. Fear of being judged

It cannot be easy to learn wine, but it doesn’t have to be. This article will show you the best wines to start with. 

Learn how to love wine

It is important to remember that not everyone begins in the same way. Perhaps you were raised in a wine-loving family or have a long history of wine pairing with food. Maybe you haven’t drank alcohol since you reached the legal drinking age.

This article will save you a lot of stress. This guide will assist you in navigating wines and recognizing your preferences.

Start Sweet

Your diet will determine where you start wine. Is dessert your favorite meal? A day without chocolate is not worth the effort. However, if your sweet tooth is a factor, you should probably add some sugar to your first wines. These wines are often called “Off-dry” in wine speak.

People will ridicule your sweet wine taste. Screw them. Whether it’s in America, France, or Italy, each wine culture began with a love affair for sweet wines before they could handle the dry stuff.

It is not the goal to ignore sweets but to overcome their powerful grip.

Wine recommendations

Moscato D’asti has low alcohol, bubbles and a hint of ripe peaches. This wine is perfect to start with and a wine that even an old expert like me will love. A Moscato D’asti is the best wine to pair with spicy food.

Avoid buying wine labeled “Moscato” when you are looking for this wine. The “D’asti” means the wine comes from the Asti area of Italy.

Demi-Sec Vouvray It might surprise you to learn that this obscure wine-inspired many people start their wine journeys by taking classes at Wine School. One example is Vouvray, a small French region that produces white wines. The label will indicate the type of wine. “DemiSec” is semi-dry, which is the same as Off-Dry.

Alsatian Gewurztraminer. Did you know that the French love a little sweetness in their wines! Gewurztraminer grape is spicy and fun. It often tastes like ginger or lychee. These wines are a good match for the hearty French cuisine of Alsace.

Zinfandel This red wine is a good place to start if your preference is for leapfrogging over white wines. This wine will have a sweet taste similar to super-ripe plums or milk chocolate. There is also a pink Zinfandel available, but I recommend skipping that one.

Wine buying tip: Less is more!

Don’t spend too much to get some sweetness in your wine. Wines below $15 are more likely to contain residual sugar, particularly from California.

Why? This price range is filled with wines that are perfect for beginners. These wines are popular with novice wine enthusiasts. It is okay to spend less, especially if you are looking for a delicious wine.

The Whites: Hitting the Whites

You now know the pleasure of wine, so it’s time for you to push yourself. You won’t be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful wines around the globe if you stay in the sweet zone. Wine is much healthier when it’s not sweetened.

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