11 Top Food Bloggers in India You Must Follow Immediately

Blogging is a powerful online marketing tool and branding tool that businesses have used from all industries. A recent survey found that more than 75%of internet users follow blogs, which means that 346,000,000 people around the world have read blogs. It’s no surprise that the number of food bloggers has increased rapidly, according to these figures. Food blogging is becoming a popular profession in India. The top Indian food bloggers bring more business to India by engaging with customers and reaching the right audience.

We are sharing top Indian food bloggers along with eye-candy photos of their delicious recipes.


Uma Raghuraman loves to cook and is a loving mother. She started Masterchef Mom almost two decades ago because of her passion for healthy eating and food. Her blogs are filled with delicious recipes and plenty of photos that will make you hungry. You can make healthy, delicious food by following her cooking tips and recipes. She is undoubtedly one of the most popular food bloggers in India. She also conducts Indian Home Cooking workshops both in India and overseas.


Natasha was forced to deal with serious medical issues due to her eating disorder. She could only make a change to healthier eating habits to overcome these complications. Organic and Happy is all about healthy eating. Natasha shares healthy, yet delicious vegan recipes through her blogs.


Food bloggers like “Passionate About Baking”, are making us fall in LOVE with food again. Deeba Rajpal is an avid food writer and recipe designer. She loves to create new delicious recipes while emphasizing seasonal ingredients. Deeba Rajpal finds cooking therapeutic and allows her to express her creativity. Passionate About Baking’s recipes and photos are so creative and appealing, it is hard to stop thinking about them.


Richa Hingle, a food blogger, and inspiration, encourage her readers to adopt healthy eating habits via her blogs. Vegan Richa shares vegan recipes and organic ingredients. Richa enjoys experimenting with food. Her blogs will inspire you to create healthy and vegetarian food. Try Richa’s Vegan Thai Pizza.


Nandita Iyer is a nutritionist and food expert who created Saffron Trail, one of the most popular food blogging sites. Nandita simplifies cooking and teaches molecular gastronomy. Nandita’s recipes combine good taste with health. Nandita educates others through her blogs about the health benefits of good nutrition and healthy eating. Saffron Trail is a blog that health-conscious people should follow.


Follow Shailu’s Kitchen if you want to find good food content. Sailaja Gudivada started it. Her blogs focus on Andhra cuisines. This is her home country. Her visually stunning presentation of her delicious recipes is a treat for the eyes. Sailu is passionate about food blogging and photography. She recently became an organic gardener. Sailu loves to grow her own vegetables and encourages her fans to do so. Her unique and delicious Indian recipes are amazing during the festival season.


This one is for you if you’re a true foodie. Nidhi Kandari, a passionate food lover, started Papi Paet in order to take food enthusiasts on a culinary journey across the globe. Papi Paet is all about food. Nidhi posts lots of Insta photos and live-cooking videos, as well as honest reviews for her readers. She also blogs about her experiences, which she hopes will help other food bloggers. Her blog, Papi Paet, exudes her passion for food, and is definitely one of the best food bloggers in India.


This one is for you if you’re a true Biryani lover. Karthik, a Hyderabadi, is no stranger to the biryani. Gastro Hogger, his blog, is all about biryani. It includes authentic recipes and reviews of the best biryani restaurants in town. Karthik Gandhi’s passion for biryani is sure to inspire you to make serious biryani goals.


Divine Taste is a blog dedicated to vegetarians. Anushruthi is a food writer, nutritionist, and recipe creator. Her blog teaches the importance of Saatvik cooking, which follows ancient ayurvedic principles. You will find delicious recipes at “Divine Taste”, which are free of onion, garlic, and meat, but they will still delight your taste buds.


Maria is a foodie and hails from Mumbai. She loves Mumbai’s street food and its delicious flavors. The flavor of Mumbai, her blog, is appropriately titled. It shares street food recipes and regional recipes as well as recipes for eggless baking. Maria’s blog has separate sections for ‘Budget and ‘Low fat’ where you will find recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and help you lose weight.


Anubhav Sapra, a food lover and blogger who launched Delhi Food Walks in 2011, is an avid foodie. Anubhav Sapra’s blogs take his followers on a culinary journey through Delhi’s rich food culture. He shares a variety of recipes from around the country that will satisfy every tastebud in his blogs. Delhi Food Walks is about India’s amazing food culture and is a paradise for food lovers.

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