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Milk Powder Burfi Recipe Instant Barfi in just 10 minutes of milk Powder recipes with an in-depth video and photo recipe. A quick and straightforward burfi recipe or fudge made from milk powder with only three ingredients: Ghee, milk powder, and sugar. A perfect Indian sweet recipe for celebrations like Raksha-Bandhan, Deepavali, or Ganesh Chaturthi that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes, with minimal hassle.

Milk Powder Burfi Recipe | Instant Barfi in 10 Mins | Milk Powder Recipes with step-by-step photos and videos with step-by-step videos and pictures. Milk powder is the basis of various premium and bare sweets that are part of Indian food. It is also utilized to make a variety of traditional Indian desserts and sweets that require lots of energy and time. Typically, milk-based burfi is made using milk solids such as the khoya or mawa. However, This is an alternative made with the combination of milk and milk powder. Barfi recipes are top-rated in our house, and I cook them for various celebrations, occasions, and potlucks. I generally make dairy-based burfi using khoya and Mawa, but I cook dairy powder-based bars when I’m short on time. I think this barfi recipe is among the most straightforward recipes compared to other Indian recipes for barfi. These are usually made from sugar syrups that can be difficult to handle and shape. The most frequently asked questions I receive from my readers concerning it being made with sugar and the string created. The good news is that this milk powder recipe does not use sugar syrup, and non-professional chefs can also cause it.

In addition, here are some crucial suggestions for variations, offers, and tips to make a soft and moist milk powder recipe. The recipe can be made with condensed milk or evaporated milk as an initial alternative to sugar. Add additional sugar according to your preference and taste when evaporated milk is utilized. You can check my Kesar milk peda for a detailed recipe. Then, cook the sugar and milk powder on low heat in a nonstick skillet. There is a high chance of solids sticking to the bottom of the milk, which could alter their color if you use a high temperature. Finally, when the milk solids begin to form shapes, switch off the flame as soon as you notice. In the event of cooking, it will make the barfi spongy and cannot maintain its shape.

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It’s a simple Indian fudge recipe made of milk powder, Ghee, and sugar. It is a simple recipe that uses sugar, Ghee, and milk. The Milk Powder Barfi is a simple hack of the famous Milk Barfi made by the evaporation of whole cream milk. Making the khoya or mawa is lengthy, tir, ing, and time-consuming, so using milk powder could be an efficient and cost-effective way to make any sweets. Therefore, using milk powder to prepare the barfi recipe makes following the cooking process and steps easier.

There have been many variations since it was first introduced, but it is mainly based on added ingredients or toppings. The most well-known variation is to mix powdered full-cream milk to make it moist and soft. Another option is to add flavoring agents such as vanilla, chocolate, or raisins to the Milk Powder burfi just before it sets. This makes it one of the most straightforward yet adaptable Indian sweets recipes.


Other essential and crucial suggestions for rich and creamy barfi recipes are:

MILK POWDER QUALITY The quality and consistency of the powder used for making milk are vital to this recipe. Furthermore, the whole cream milk powder is ideal for this recipe due to its richness and creaminess with the barfi.

The sugar syrup’s consistency determines MOISTNESS MOISTNESS Texture and the firmness of the sweet. The greater the sugar syrup  it isstring’s surface becomes, the more challenging it is. I would not exceed one series. However, you can go below it.

SWEETNESS Take note that the sweetness of barfi isn’t just due to the sugar used in it. The milk powder also contributes to the sweetness, and should you want to boost the sweetness, take note of the sweetness of the milk powder, too.

Setting and Shaping – Use a rectangular tray and wrap greased baking parchment around it. This will help to remove the barfi. When shaping, use an extraordinarily long and well-cut knife for cutting. Additionally, you can warm the knife to ensure it can cut through the barfi.

TOPPINGS TOPPINGS The toppings are optional and can be re-arranged at any time. You can leave it out or substitute finely chopped dry fruits with raisins and tutti frutti. Be sure to keep it light and don’t overcrowd the areas for toppings.


There are many reasons this recipe is highly well-loved and loved throughout India and globally. Some of the most significant are

CONVENIENCE Converting whole cream milk into solids can be highly tiring and stressful. However, mixing milk powder with sugar syrup makes it very easy to check the results in just 10 minutes.

Versatility – The barfi is easy to play around with the toppings, flavors, and, most importantly, its texture. It can be soft, firm, moist, or medium soft using sugar syrup or milk consistency.

A CHEAP MAKE Milk with full cream is usually more expensive than plain powdered milk. Additionally, it requires lots of energy to transform milk into solids, so it’s more economical to use powdered milk.

SHELF LIFE Milk powder typically has a lengthy shelf life; therefore, any sweet made with it results from the same characteristic. Barfi can be stored for up to 3 weeks without worrying about spoilage.

Texture Control – Milk powder barfi can be firm or soft in texture. Adding milk as an ingredient to create a more moist environment is possible. Additionally, firmness is determined by the string’s sugar syrup level. As the group grows, the firmness will increase.

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