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Connection is a crucial factor. Connecting with consumers based on core values is a key factor in brand success. According to Deloitte, 63% of consumers would pay more if products were backed up by social impact values.

It is not optional to build a relationship with customers. It is a way to differentiate food and beverage companies so they don’t become interchangeable.

Deloitte’s report continues by stating that food is an emotive category. Imagine the power that brands could unlock if they were truly connected to consumers through shared values.

You can make a real connection with your target audience by meeting them online.

Your company can build trust and relationships with your readers by creating a food and beverage blog that combines visually appealing elements and meaningful messages.

7 tempting food and drink blogs

A well-rounded content strategy includes blogging. It also offers long-term search engine optimization (SEO). This is because each blog post can be targeted with a keyword, which gives your pages more chances to rank on search engine results pages.

Here are seven food blogs that have won the admiration of their readers. These examples can inspire you to create great content, regardless of your brand’s personality.

Siete Stories

Spanish for seven, Siete means “seven”. A Mexican-American family of seven started the company to create delicious, gluten-free Mexican food.

Siete Stories is a company blog. It has customer profiles and employee spotlights.

This blog features Mexican culture, highlights from Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and profiles of Siete relatives. Siete’s blog is vibrant and connects to food and family.

Enlightened Blog

Next on our list of food marketing blogs is Enlightened. Enlightened is known for its low-calorie products, dairy-free, keto, and fruit options. The Enlightened blog shows the brand understands how to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

This article is a great way for Enlightened to attract keto fans who search for this question in search engines. The question will be answered by searchers who can then learn more about the ice cream they can enjoy.

Enlightened hosts Q&A sessions with registered dieticians.

As you can see each article doesn’t have to focus on one product. Your blog will benefit from valuable information, regardless of whether it highlights your product.

Taste Nirvana Blog

Taste Nirvana is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its production processes. A father-son team set out to make Thai coconut water more accessible to everyone.

The blog allows Taste Nirvana to showcase its eco-friendly practices.

Although posts such as the one above portray Taste Nirvana positively, the blog uses a different approach in order to draw users to its website.

The blog team knows that the search volume (number of people searching for a particular term on search engines each month) for Thailand-related subjects is higher than for coconut water. The company blog is full of posts about Thailand.

Companies can create valuable content by understanding what searchers are looking for through search engines. These posts help searchers find the information they need and increase brand recognition.

Bobo’s Blog

Bobo’s oatmeal bars are a mainstay and a favorite snack of many. Customers of all ages are connected to the company thanks to its core values, which include being positive, cooperative, tenacious, and effective.

Bobo’s demonstrates its core values with uplifting content that highlights its fun-loving side.

Bobo’s was founded by a mother-and-daughter team. It places a strong emphasis on family. Blog content is created for families such as “Back to School with Bobos”, which features the snack as an easy addition to school lunches.

Dr. Elin’s Blog

Good Idea drinks were invented in Sweeden by Dr. Elin, a food scientist. They balance blood sugar and help to get rid of post-meal slumps.

Good Drinks’ unique feature is its blog, written by someone with years of experience in the field of food science. That’s right. Each post is enriched by Dr. Elin’s wealth of knowledge.

An expert author of blog posts can increase the authority of a website both for search engines and readers.

Dr. Elin discusses topics related to blood sugar levels and energy balance. The blog also offers an email subscription option, so readers can receive health and wellness information directly to their inboxes.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Brew Dr. Kombucha is a company with strong values. Brewhouse’s blog promotes core values, not just the drink.

Brew Dr., for instance, discussed its unconventional commitment to helping frontline workers in the face of the global pandemic in a unique way.

The company shows its concern for the community with thoughtfully written blog posts. These messages resonate on a deeper level with people than just surface-level product announcement posts or recipes.

KidsLuv Blog

KidsLuv was founded by a mom looking for sugar-free beverages to give her son. The company blog does an excellent job of balancing its posts to address both the needs of children and parents.

KidsLuv provides tips and guides to encourage healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyles for young children. The blog also features posts that focus on moms’ health and well-being.

KidsLuv has expanded the range of topics it covers, increasing the likelihood that people will visit the website to learn more about the products. The company’s content is twice as likely to appear in the kid- and mom-focused publications.

You can have a five-star blog

These blogs are great examples of content creation and can help you get started on your blog journey. To reap the rewards of blogging, you need patience and perseverance. You don’t have it all.

Partnering with a Food and Beverage SEO agency will help you get your blog and brand in front of more people. Markitors work with food and beverage companies to develop winning strategies that meet their specific goals. We can help make blogging easy, from keyword research to content creation and behind-the-scenes technical improvements. We are also familiar with alcohol advertising restrictions as well as other FTC regulations.

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