Kuih seri muka recipe

Kuih Seri Muka. Layers of coconut-infused sticky rice with a unique creamy pandan coconut custard. A delicious and chewy dessert famous throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore for the right reasons! This dessert is aromatic, sweet, and flavorful and comes from Indonesia.

Delicious and aromatic!

I love this dessert because the aroma and taste are fantastic, with the creamy custard of pandan layered on the glutinous rice. This dessert is time-consuming but not too long, so I’ll show you how to make kuih-seri muka step-by-step! It’s worth it!

It’s worth the effort!

It is worth the effort and time and is an excellent dessert to impress guests with its vibrant layers. In contrast, skipping the colorful layers to make it easier for yourself or coloring the rice with the butterfly pea powder is possible.

Different Variations of Kuih

I encountered this dessert at stands or dessert shops when I traveled to Malaysia. Additionally, there are a variety of kuih. For instance, the kid’s lapis is a cake layered using rice flour but non-glutinous, sticky rice, or Kuih with a layer of gula Melaka sandwiched among glutinous rice.

Unique texture

The glutinous rice makes this dessert have a chewy, sticky texture. However, when you mix it with the custard’s soft and creamy top, it’s bliss! Most importantly, this dessert is necessary if you like pandan, custard, or sticky rice!

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The recipe is adapted

Indeed, I don’t have all the credit for this Kuih seri muka dish. I took the recipe to Makan and Cherry, whose Kuih Seri Muka attracted my attention! Kuih Seri Muka did a fantastic job of giving instructions on preparing it quickly.

Furthermore, I decided to include this blue-colored layer of glutinous, sticky rice. I also decreased the salt. Additionally, I’ve provided some ideas for making it correctly so you don’t have any issues. Check out her recipe to make the simple version.

What is the meaning of kuih?

It comes in bite-size snacks or meals in Hokkien and Teochew Kueh.

How long will Kueh last?

It will last between 36 and 48 hours in the refrigerator in an airtight container. However, I would advise that the rice could become a bit tough at the close of the 48 hours, but still delicious enough to enjoy!

Can you keep Kueh overnight?

Yes, I’d recommend placing it in an airtight container inside the refrigerator.

Can you freeze Kueh?

As a result, the rice can become challenging because of the cold.

Tips for making Kuih Seri Muka

Make sure to use fresh pandan leaves to make this dessert since it’s much better than the extract and superior to powdered versions. Pandan leaves are available at Asian supermarkets in the section of freezers.

Add butterfly peas once the rice is mixed with all the other ingredients. In other words, it’s harder to color the rice evenly if you include the blue powder after the rice is steamed and cooked.

Steam the rice on a shallow plate. Don’t steam in a large, deep bowl. Boiling the rice over an even surface allows it to be cooked more evenly and speedily.

When making the custard, cook it at a low-medium temperature then boil it before reducing it. This will result in an uncooked custard that isn’t smooth. So, if you notice that chunks appear on the bottom of your custard, it’s time to take it from the stove immediately.

More Tips!

When layering, ensure that the custard and rice remain warm. I recommend covering the first layer of rice with a towel to help keep the rice warm.

Before placing the rice in the bottom of the square dish, you should oil it thoroughly. This means that this will help the cake to come out easier.

When you add your rice to the dish, distribute it evenly to create equally sized layers. I found it much easier to remove the rice from the plate (wearing gloves that are heat resistant) directly into the pan instead of taking small pieces of rice and then trying to level it out later using my eyes.

Packing the rice, press it well and hard with a spatula. This will ensure the custard doesn’t leak through the holes, ruining the layers.

Before steam your dessert, C, over the lid with a tea towel or aluminum foil; this will stop water droplets from hitting the custard and creating tiny holes.

For the final cut of your Kuih Seri Muka, please make use of a paring knife that is slippery and wet and cut it with an angle. In addition, this dessert is very sticky, and the water and oil help the blade slide across the cake much more quickly.

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