Vegetable quiche recipe

Whether lunch, brunch, or dinner, quiche makes an eggs-to-die-for option for every dinner. Quiche vegetarian recipes include fresh vegetables that create a vibrant and healthy snack. Recipes such as Crustless Spinach and Asparagus Quiche, topped with Gruyere and Sun-Dried Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Quiche, are delicious, filling, and the highlight of any meal.

Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

This delicious vegetarian quiche recipe is about as easy as it can get. It’s a quiche with no messy crust! It’s packed with sweet wild mushrooms as well as delicious Gruyere cheese. It’s great for lunch or breakfast, and pair it with a refreshing salad to eat lunch.

Crustless Spinach & Asparagus Quiche with Gruyere

This light but filling crustless spinach-and-asparagus quiche features fresh spring vegetables baked with richly flavored Gruyere cheese. Take a bite for dinner, with a salad on the side or in a leisurely spring breakfast.

Cheddar & Kale Quiche

This tasty vegetarian quiche made of Cheddar and Kale is stuffed with kale and is flavored with apricot and savory flavor from shallots. The two Cheddars complement each other to give tang and sharpness with a touch of nuttiness. Have it at breakfast, brunch, or dinner!

Gruyere, Onion & Zucchini Quiche

This nutritious vegetarian recipe for quiche is stuffed with sweet caramelized onions, zucchini, and Gruyere cheese. It is excellent for breakfast or brunch or with a light salad to eat for dinner.

Crustless Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

This easy quiche is as simple to prepare as it tastes delicious! The egg mixture is straight into the pie pan, so you can still enjoy the distinct edges but skip the effort of making the crust. Serve as a brunch or dinner with a salad.

Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Quiche

The mushrooms and onions are both classic ingredients for quiche. To get the most out of these veggies and quickly develop an immense flavor, cook cut cremini and red onions till golden (about 10-15 minutes) before adding the ingredients to your crust.

Cheesy Zucchini Quiche

This delicious, cheesy zucchini quiche is loaded with leeks and zucchini in a creamy custard. Fontina and Feta cheeses provide an intense flavor. Serve it at breakfast or any time you have zucchini in the fridge.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Quiche

The delicate creamy fresh mozzarella cheese balances the strong taste of sun-dried tomatoes. Try sliced sun-dried tomatoes to reduce preparation time, and drain them well before adding them to the quiche.

Make-Ahead Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

This delicious, cheesy broccoli quiche is made creamy by evaporating milk. It’s also a fantastic recipe to prepare ahead and then reheat before serving, or cut into slices and then reheat in the morning to enjoy breakfast. Pre-cut microwaveable broccoli can cut down on preparation time; however, should you have some broccoli crowns that are lying around, you can use them up. Make sure you boil the broccoli till just barely tender, or your final dish will end up with overcooked, dry broccoli.

Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

This gluten-free quiche is a bright and sour due to the sun-dried tomato and olives. Manchego cheese provides a rich, nutty taste. It’s great for brunch, breakfast, or dinner. Serve it with salsa made from jars, bruschetta, or a sprinkle of hot sauce offset sweet potatoes. If you own one, cut the sweet potatoes into equally sized slices with a mandoline.

Tomato & Feta Quiche with Spaghetti Squash Crust

You’ve tried spaghetti squash as a substitute for pasta, but have you tried it to make a low-carb quiche crust? Shredded spaghetti squash is transformed into a deliciously crispy quiche crust when you make this healthy breakfast recipe.

Cheddar & Broccoli Quiche

This quiche recipe that is healthy and delicious is ideal for parties. The quiche can be prepared ahead of time and is equally tasty, served warm or chilled. With fresh broccoli, fresh rosemary, Cheddar onion caramel, and cheese. The Delicious quiche with a whole-grain crust is ideal for breakfast and brunch and can be served alongside a light salad as lunch.

Roasted Tomato & Asparagus Crustless Quiche

This crustless quiche recipe is an excellent option for your next brunch, but it’s also good for a vegetarian meal with a salad on the side and some focaccia.

Mini Brie & Apple Quiches

We enjoy how Brie is delicious with apples inside these miniature quiches. Mini Pyllos cups make creating an elegant and delicious appetizer fast and easy.

Greens-&-Gruyere Mini Quiches

The mini-quiche uses traditional Provencal flavors such as garlic, oil-cured olives, Anchovies, caramelized onions, and anchovies–to flavor these very green egg cups. They are great for breakfast in a hurry. However, they are also sophisticated enough to be served for brunch. If you are a frequent maker of mini quiches, you should consider purchasing mini muffin tins made of silicone, which will make popping them out like a breeze!

Loaded Vegetable Quiche

This delicious vegetable quiche is loaded with vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, and spinach. The Parmesan is double-duty in providing cheese and saltiness. Sliced tomatoes make an excellent topping.

Spinach & Feta Quiche

This quiche omits the crust and includes the flavors of dill, spinach, and feta cheese in each bite. Make this quiche at home for breakfast or dinner, and serve it with an enticing green salad served with a side of it.

Vegan Quiche

The vegan quiche resembles the real deal with the melting vegetarian mozzarella and tofu, giving the quiche an egg-like texture. Tofu is an empty slate that absorbs nutritional yeast’s delicious flavor, and turmeric gives it a vibrant color.

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