Chocolate self saucing pudding

This self-saucing chocolate pudding is such a fast and easy dessert. The chocolate sponge is moist and fluffy with silky chocolate sauce. This chocolate pudding can be baked in a single dish.

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Comforting, rich, and completely sweet, The self-saucing chocolaty pudding recipe is the ideal dessert for a cozy evening. The fluffy, moist chocolate sponge with a shimmering chocolaty sauce is captivating.

It’s simple and quick and takes only 5 minutes to prepare.

The pudding and sauce are cooked together in one dish.

Perfectly moist chocolate cake topped with thick chocolaty sauce.

Easy, everyday ingredients.

Serve it by itself or paired with custard, ice cream custard or cream.

What’s the most magical thing about it? You may be asking? Apart from the chocolate flavor, the chocolate sauce, which starts at the top of the cake, dribbles into the bottom of the dish and then under the cake by the time it’s baked. It’s truly a chocolate lover’s dream.

It’s a great lemon-based cousin to the lemon self-saucing dessert.

The ingredients you’ll need

This simple chocolate pudding is made with only pantry staples so that you can make it anytime and with notice.

Flour: You’ll need plain flour (all-purpose flour).

Cocoa powder Pure unsweetened cocoa powder is excellent.

Baking Powder: Be sure you bake with baking powder, NOT baking soda (not bicarb soda). They react differently so that they can produce different outcomes.

Sugar It is only brown sugar, which provides moisture and a caramel-like flavor to this dessert.

Butter Make use of butter that is not salted, then add some salt. Different butter brands will employ different quantities of salt for their salted butter.

It’s just one egg, free of charge If you can afford it.

Pure vanilla extract: Vanilla contains both a balancing and flavor-enhancing quality. Be sure to use section and not essence, a synthetic flavoring.

Milk: I prefer whole (full cream milk) to get the best flavor, but you can get away by using milk substitutes or lighter versions.

Practical tools to keep in your arsenal

To make this chocolate pudding, you’ll require the following ingredients:

Two mixing bowls spatula, a couple of mixing bowls, and a balloon whisk.

An 8-inch pie dish or a small baking dish.

A jug with a heat-proof seal and a regular dessert spoon.

An electronic beater can be helpful but is not essential – the whisk can do the job.

Learn how to prepare chocolate self-saucing pudding (step by step)

Self-saucing chocolate pudding is a straightforward (aka simple and ideal anytime) recipe. The use of melted butter in the batter means there’s no need to mix sugar and butter as well as it aids in keeping your cake moist.

The exact quantities and the instructions are on the recipe card below.

Dry Ingredients: Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Put aside.

Dry ingredients Separately, mix the sugar, butter, egg, and vanilla.

Blend: Now add the flour mixture to the wet mix in 3 parts, and alternate with the milk between additions. Thus, flour, mix, and milk, mix, flour mix, and then on until the mixture is gone.

Create Sauce: It’s easy to make – just three ingredients! Mix sugar, cocoa, and boiling water into a glass jug and mix it all.

To assemble: Spread the pudding batter in an oil-sprayed pie or baking dish. Turn a spoon upside down, pour the sauce on the dish’s surface on the pudding, and move it around until it covers the entire pudding.

Bake The pudding is baked for about 25-30 mins until the top appears dry and slightly springy.

Serve Self-saucing chocolate pudding tastes wonderful served just as it is since it already comes with sauce. However, adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream is delicious, as is a dollop of whip cream. I love double hot sauces and serving them alongside warm, runny custard (my English roots coming out).

Storage and Yield

This recipe can serve 4 to 6 people, based on the amount of food they’re craving and whether you’re using the addition of ice cream or another sauce.

The pudding is most delicious when it’s hot and fresh, but if you cannot finish it all, you can wrap the dish with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for three to four days. It’s delicious reheated in the oven or the microwave (for around 40 seconds per portion).

It’s quick and simple enough to prepare on a weekday, but an ideal crowd-pleaser for entertaining at weekends, chocolate self-saucing pudding is delicious whenever you’d like to.

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for the battery: Preheat your oven to 180C/350F/160C fan. Butter the inside of an (approximately) 8 inches pie plate and baking dish by spreading butter.

Amid a mixing bowl in a medium mixing bowl, mix the cocoa powder, flour, baking powder, salt, and baking powder. Mix well to mix.

In an additional mixing bowl, using an electric beater, beat the sugar and butter together until smooth. Add vanilla and egg and beat thoroughly by scraping into the bottom of the bowl to ensure that everything is smooth and well combined before proceeding.

Include 1/3 of the dry ingredients in the butter mix. Stir gently until mixed. Then add half the milk. Mix with a gentle motion. Continue until all the flour and milk are mixed… but not too much. It is essential not to mix too much or become excessively weighty. Otherwise, the cake could end up being complex and dense.

Pour the batter for your pudding into your dish.

For the sauce: Mix the cocoa and sugar in a small bowl. Add boiling water and blend well until it is all combined.

With a spoon turned up with one hand, pour the chocolate sauce on it, swirling it around until it’s evenly spread across the entire cake (see the notes)

The pudding should be baked for about 25-30 minutes. The pudding should appear dry and a bit springy.

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