Curried egg sandwiches

This is the very first blog post in my year-long relationship with McCormick, as I believe that everyone could benefit from some spice within our everyday lives. When I was younger, I could peel an egg unlike any other. As a kid, I still vividly remember my Uncle Tom teaching me a magical trick. “Hey, Heidi, do you want to see something special?” Yes, sure, I did! It was the age of 10! What could I possibly be missing? Uncle T could make presentations from almost anything, and when he demonstrated to me how he could remove the entire shell off of eggs that had been hardboiled in one motion, I was awestruck! The body quickly fell out of the white orb he held in his hands in an entire, intact ribbon. My goal was to learn the peeled process of an egg precisely like Tom’s Uncle Tom did. I was able to do it! For many years. Then my progress was shattered. However, I’m unsure what my problem is,  for I can’t remember. I can’t peel an egg and not end with a shaggy look like the ones I see other people doing all the time. This recipe will be an egg salad sandwich, not deviled eggs. Who wants to see an egg that looks like it was hacked using a jigsaw instead of making this delicious curry-infused egg salad sandwich?

When McCormick Gourmet When I was asked to create recipes that had an Easter theme. My mind immediately went to the extravagant. A recipe for an elegant Easter brunch. Or a bountiful Easter dinner. But I always came to the desire and apprehension I faced as a child, and it has been the source of food for my family and myself during Easter. Eggs! What are we going to do with all the Easter eggs?

About the recipe

In our home, we have a field day, making it a whole week of delicious egg salad following the Easter bunny party. Although this egg salad sandwich is the perfect leftover dinner, if you decide to serve it with an open face, it’s ideal for serving it at a fancy brunch or a potluck. This is the beauty of eggs. As opposed to the unkempt teenagers, they can be taken almost anywhere.

The Technique

I’m sure. It’s about peeling eggs. I’m at a crossroads with my zeal to defeat my eggshell rivals. It’s true; there needs to be a better way to go about this so that I can get silky-smooth egg whites. I went to my Instagram account to seek your suggestions, advice, and tricks on achieving perfect peeled eggs. I’m unsure if I’ve received such a flood of comments and excellent suggestions. Please go through it for yourself. There’s a chance that you’ve never heard of something from it too. Right now, I’m in the process of testing each suggestion. The time will tell. There are several eggs that need boiling. Maybe one day, an egg will be deviled, too.

The Gadget

Regardless of my problems in peeling my eggs, I’m an expert at cutting my eggs due to my most-loved kitchen appliance, this egg slicer. I’ve had it for many years, and due to its metal and robust construction, compared to plastic models, they don’t seem to lose their grip and slide around. I’m hoping to keep it for a long time. It’s sharp enough to cut kiwis and strawberries. However, I prefer it for hacking eggs that I hard boil. After cutting the eggs evenly using my egg slicer, I gently smash them more using a long-tined fork. Some people prefer big chunks of eggs in their salad, but I like a uniform bite. This is your salad. You decide.

The Flavor

My favorite traditional egg salad is to use yellow mustard to be added to the mayonnaise. However, with the recipe, I’m switching it up a notch and replacing the mayonnaise with McCormick Gourmet Hot Madras Curry Powder. I added a dash of McCormick Gourmet California Onion Powder with a bit of fresh crushed black pepper for a more rounded taste. The main difference between Madras Curry Powder and ordinary curry powder is temperature. Madras is slightly hotter; therefore, if you’re using the regular McCormick curry powder instead, add a little to your taste in increments of 1/4 teaspoons.

The Mayo

My family has been vocal about their fondness for egg salad previously in my blog post about the infamous debate about The Best Egg Salad Recipe, which pits Miracle Whip against mayonnaise. Even after my husband tasted this dish, the discussion continued. I’m a fan of mayo in our family. The husband, as well as the daughter, like to use the more flavorful Miracle Whip. In this recipe, you can add sides and select whatever pleases your taste buds.

The Sandwich

For egg salad sandwiches, I favor white bread. I know whole wheat is healthier for me, but it’s only one sandwich. A girl’s gotta live a little. If you decide to serve this salad as a snack and you want to do it, small loaves of dark rye or pumpernickel could be a great option as well. Yes, any white bread can be used to make this sandwich (I prefer my bread lightly toasty); however, I like good-quality thinly sliced English muffin bread as my base. It’s just a little more of a delicate crunch following toasting because of the air pockets within the bread. And it is stunning when served with a face-up plate. Oooh, fancy! When toasting bread, I provide each bread slice with a gentle butter drizzle. It gives it a hint of sweetness and helps keep the bread from getting wet. My husband adds another layer of Miracle Whip, but I think it’s a bit too mayo-y taste. I served these sandwiches with gorgeous, fresh, seasonal, and beautiful watercress sprouts of radish. Both have a subtle bite and a bit of heat, creating the perfect texture and flavor balance for the egg-curried salad. You can also try arugula or even a lovely red leaf lettuce if that’s what you prefer instead.

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